Neykia Declouet

13625372_1223403464344855_4627440054486483399_n“My first introduction to the world of competitive bodybuilding, specifically bikini class,  was so exciting and yet overwhelming… to say the least.  Thankfully, during the whirlwind of my first year of competing, I was blessed to be introduced to Ms. Sandra. She judged my first show,  which I placed 1st in (proud moment), however I knew that even though I’d come far, I had much further to go.  After the show, she graciously provided much needed feedback and critique.  Her energy was just so welcoming,  supportive and affirming. I decided to begin working with her team to improve my overall stage presence. Since that time, I’ve attended multiple posing clinics and one on one sessions.  The comraderie among the athletes is amazing,  great group of women I’ve met. ..some of whom I can truly call friends.  Ms. Sandra,  who can be described as a woman of so many talents… personal trainer,  posing coach and just overall awesome woman extraordinaire, has coached me through to become a better me. I’m excited to see what I can accomplish in this new year with such amazing support!!!”
Neykia Declouet
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IG: divine_enigma
“Neykia is an amazing young lady who has shown great commitment and determination during her journey.  From year to year, she demonstrates improvements and maturity.  She is currently training under her coach, D’Shawn Wright at Body by D Gym.  He is coaching Neykia to take her physique to the next level.  But as coaches, we instruct, but the client has to implement, hustle and grind.  And SHE HAS!   I’m so excited to continue to mentor Neykia in Posing and Presentation and watch her continue to grow and excel in this sport.” ~ Coach Sandra


Neykia Declouet- OCB Pro Bikini


Neykia and Coach D’Shawn of BBD