Coach Sandra

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Professional Bio

Sandra Harrington

  • Creator and Head Coach of Team 360 Muscle – Competition Posing & Presentation Company
  • International Published Self-Transformation Success Story
  • Certified John Maxwell Team Motivational Coach & Speaker
  • Basic Firearms Instructor and Competition Shooter

    Owner of Team 360 Muscle

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With over 20 years experience in weightlifting, competitive amateur bodybuilding and as a Personal Trainer, Sandra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every client she works with. She’s the creator of TEAM 360 MUSCLE where she is the head coach, providing male and female physique competitors with posing clinics, private and semi-private posing sessions and routine choreography.  


John Maxwell Team Certified Motivational Coach and Speaker

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As a Motivational Coach and Visionary, she can coach and empower you to make positive movement in your life, personally and professionally. From an unbiased perspective, she can help you remove the barriers so that you can have forward movement. Perhaps to reach a goal you’ve always wanted to obtain, to help discover a dream within you or to help navigate you through the storm so that you can discover light and vision again. She has traveled abroad to assist Dr. John C. Maxwell in facilitating Transformational Leadership in the country of Guatemala and has spoken to various groups including The John Maxwell Team, satellite location for Leadercast, Empowering Women’s Expo and Old Dominion University. Sandra currently volunteers with veterans as a personal development facilitator and life coach for prisoner rehabilitation.  


Sandra is a follower of Christ, passionate about ministry and sharing God’s love. She’s a cancer survivor of non-hodgkins Lymphoma, a mother and a wife. She’s an Internationally Published Self Transformation Success Story as seen on, and  She took up the hobby of shooting, competed in the American Marksman placing 9th in the Mid-Atlantic region and serves as a Basic Firearms Instructor under Fit4Life 360.