Coach Kim

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Professional Bio

Kim Walsh

  • Team 360 Bikini and Figure Posing & Presentation Coach and Choreographer ~ Located in Hampton Roads/Peninsula VA
  • Creator and CEO of Warrior Forward-Nutrition and Lifestyle Blog and Business
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Bachelors in Music Performance
  • Masters in Educational Leadership
  • Nationally Board Certified Teacher

 Team 360 Muscle Bikini and Figure Coach and Choreographer

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Owner of Warrior Forward

“Warrior Forward is the movement I am leading to all human beings, in every area, in every socioeconomic class, in every creed, in every corner of the world. I will help you find your trajectory; I will help you draw back and take aim; I will help you find your mark; and, I will help you adjust that aim when life throws you curve-balls and your targets change. I am Warrior Forward, and I can’t wait for you to be Warrior Forward with me.” ~ Kim



As a child Kim grew up in an athletic household and was involved in a sport year round most of her childhood. Namely swimming (with some track and cross country and dance tossed in for variety). As an adult she enjoys working out and running and quickly her love of the stage lead her to bodybuilding. She has competed in multiple organizations and prides herself on being a natural bodybuilder.
As a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and Wellness Educator she is thrilled to be expanding on her love of the sport as a Team 360 Posing coach. Years of performing throughout her life, including college, she is a visionary when it comes to stage presence and body movement. She is also a master at confidence and motivational development. Her life’s purpose is to educate and lead others to their dreams and goals despite any obstacle they may face.
After spending almost 15 years in public education and marketing, Kim knows what it truly means to educate, lead, and personally connect with people; specifically in times of struggle. Kim is determined to find the women on the struggle bus and lead them into their best life! This includes their journey to the competition stage as well as the stage of life! She is the face behind Warrior Forward; an organization that is founded upon the principals helping others work through their struggles through the “Arrow Method” to live their purpose with passion. This includes fueling their body, mind, and spirit through the Warrior Life.
Kim has a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance Ohio Wesleyan University, a masters in Education and Leadership from Old Dominion University, and is a National Board Certified Teacher. In addition to her extensive and successful education and marketing career, she is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified nutritionist and also holds an advanced nutrition certification from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) through Body by Design University.
Kim is also a wife and mother raising Arrows and a passionate lover of chocolate chip cookies and french-fries!

Contact Coach Kim via Cell 740-815-4189 Email: