Chelsey Creswell


What can be said about Chelsey Creswell?  She came, she persevered, she conquered.  
Chelsey came to me for posing and presentation for her 1st show and immediately when I saw her, I knew she was the right fit for this fitness industry.  She had been on a prep journey with KK Wellness and by the time I met her, her physique had been chiseled down nicely and not only had muscle maturity from years of lifting on her own, but it also had symmetry.  Not only that, but she had a diehard spirit about her.  Whatever I, or her nutrition coach, Kelly Killen, required of her, she fulfilled without flaw.  She was the epitome of a dream client.  110% dedication.  No questions asked.  Kelly and I watched her flourish from show to show.  Three shows later, she’s a WNBF Figure Pro and very much deserved at that.  Her journey was documented via OCB online through several episodes.  Her show day episode is found HERE where we can celebrate the big win with her! 
Congrats Chelsey!  It’s always a pleasure to give you a shout out and celebrate your dedication to this sport! 
1st show Novice Overall Winner


3rd show – New WNBF Figure Pro


Coach Kelly celebrates with Chelsey on her Pro win!


Kelly and I are blessed to coach Chelsey!