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Team 360 and the Value of Presenting Your Best Self

Bodybuilding is an art and displaying your masterpiece is the posing and presentation. To sculpt the body takes continuous training for months and even years. The goal is to reach the ultimate conditioning and symmetry for your specific division. Months of preparation have finally brought you to competition day. The second you step on stage, the art of posing accentuates every muscle, creating symmetry pleasing to the eye of the judges. Inch by inch, your art is under the microscope by the judges and the spectators. This is as real as it gets. It’s the stage, the lights and your physiques.
Both male and female competitors need to present their art in a fashion that is pleasing to the judges and fitting the criteria of their particular division (bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini). That being understood, what many spectators and competitors don’t realize is much of their posing is directed at the judges that 9 times out of 10 are sitting at an unflattering angle (aka the orchestra pit) to the placement of the competitors (aka the stage). If you do not pose correctly, what the judges can see, is sometimes not the best representation of your physique. Thus the strange poses and angling we produce for the stage. Nothing about posing is natural. It’s challenging, it can hurt, it’s exhausting and it’s critical. Our job as a posing coach is not only to help you know the tips and tricks to get your body to look symmetrical and pleasing to the angle of the judges but we’re also going to make sure your entire presentation is on point. Your transitions are fluid, you’re confident and your entire appearance is pleasing.
I’ve been involved in the bodybuilding industry for 20 years, as an avid spectator, athlete supporter, athlete, judge, fitness and posing coach. I’ve watched this industry grow from strictly bodybuilding to now include figure, bikini and physique. I’ve studied the posing. I’ve walked in their shoes. It’s engrained in me. I’ve also had experience in front of a camera, still and video. My modeling and acting experience has given me great insight on presentation of one’s best self. I find great pleasure in helping people travel the journey to get to stage and present their best self. For many, it’s so much more than about a trophy or a pro card, it’s a journey of mental, spiritual and physical transformation.
Team 360’s Posing and Presentation Clinics cover individual presentation but the main focus is group pre-judging presentation and callouts. From the second you step out from around the curtain until you are back behind them. We cover it all. There is also an introduction of the T-walk or routine some of the federations require. Each competitor is different. Their bodies are built and developed differently. My job is to highlight their best by offering up poses that show them off in the best light. Clinics are also a great way for competitors to connect with each other. These men and women will be a great source of support through your journey. They understand what many people do not about the sport and dedication of bodybuilding.
Most clients find it highly beneficial to not only attend the monthly clinics when offered but also to work with me 1 on 1 in private sessions at my studio in Chesapeake, VA or online. Private sessions provide highly detailed attention to everything from head to toe. Yes, i’m THAT detailed. I also choreograph routines during private sessions and they are practiced until it’s second nature.
Team 360 expects the best of our clients because they have put in the work and deserve to be their best on show day!
TEAM 360 Studs and Stunners Rock the Stage!
 Let’s do this! ~ Coach Sandra

~ We now have multiple coaches to serve multiple territories as well as online.